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Sorin was raised by Flint.

Discovered as a babe by a lonely herbalist, he survived the first few years of his life being raised by her. Sadly she passed as Sorin reached his teenage stage of life. He fell in with a group of street thugs, who he won over with his natural charm and led them with an astute intellect.

However, as he retained his youth, they grew old and Sorin began to see his existence as a curse, never truly able to keep someone. He soon found it easier not getting attached to humans, halflings and half orcs he met and instead tried fostering friendships with gnomes and other fey creatures. It was through them that he learned of his races dire state, having never really questioned why he was alone.

As Flint became more and more industrialised, Sorin was approached to join the Risur Homeland Constabulary. He accepted and began to find the work quite to his liking. On one of his cases, he was shocked to find a group of eladrin who had been conducting terrorist bombings on factories that were closed. He chose duty over a chance to find out more about himself and apprehended them.

However, one of the eladrin, a female who was married to one of Flint’s elite, told him to go to an address in Bosum Strand and to wear a mask. Sorin went and was bound, gagged and blindfolded upon arrival.

He went through the ritual of joining the Vekeshi Mystics, seeing the horror of what had happened to the eladrin goddess. He was then tortured, caged and immolated. When they attempted to heal him, his hands retained the blackened burns and refused to heal.

When he returned to the RHC, he had fundamentally changed. He was able to draw upon some power to cast divine spells.

He has worked many successful cases for the RHC now, including the saving of the Coaltongue, the stopping of a smuggling operation bringing in dangerous and easily activated wands and the discovery of the Witchoil well near the mayors manor on Cauldron Hill. Another noteworthy achievement is the desolation of the route to the lighthouse on a certain island in the Yerasol Archipelago.

Sorin has been starting to see some particularly unjust people taking advantage of their stations and their power and has vowed to see to it that they meet their end when he is in a powerful enough position to do so.


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