Rose Cunningham

Elise's Character


Rose is a young woman who grew up in the poor districts of Flint. She has a large family, with many brothers and sisters, most of who work in either the factories or the many pubs around the factory district, or as maids to some of the wealthier residents in the North Shore district. Rose went to university in Flint, the first in her family to do so, and worked in the Thinking Man’s Tavern as a waitress to pay her way.

Her late father was close friends with Thames Grimsley, who has been like an uncle to Rose for much of her life and a responsible for a large part of her education as to the unfairness of the conditions of those working in the city. While Grimsley works to unionise the workers, Rose decided that her best chance to help was to join the ranks of the RHC and try and change things from a position of authority, while protecting the interests of the people she grew up with.

Since joining the RHC, Rose has become known as the RHC’S face of the Flint working class, having been involved in many successful and highly published missions. She is determined to see improvement in the status of the working class, protecting them from corruption and exploitation and is doing her best to accomplish this, though she can be impulsive and often her temper gets the better of her.

Rose Cunningham

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