Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

Zeitgeist: The Adventure Begins
The Story So Far

The story began in the city of Flint. Five constables of the RHC, whom had been working together for a year on a number of cases, including drug ring busts, thwarting terrorist plots and keeping the peace, had been given a special assignment; to oversee the launch of the RNS Coaltongue. The King himself was to name and launch Risur’s first steam powered warship, which was designed in order to compete with Risur’s historical rival, Danor.

The constables faced their first challenge in screening the hundreds strong crowd of guests and well wishers for undesirable elements. Daunted by the number of guests, the constables were off to a slow start. Doctor Desain helped to brief the local police on likely targets which assisted the rest of the team. Sorin saw to investigating the half-elves in the crowd, as well as likely allies of the Eladrin terrorist, Gale. Maxwell, a veteran of the Yerasol wars, recognised some of his old war buddies and vetted them as good men, narrowing down the list of suspects. Through some teamwork and a little help from Micah, whose visions had, in the past, provided some clues that would prove crucial to investigations, the constables managed to identify a few local Dockers who proved to be suspicious. Rose, the face of the local Docker community, was instrumental in resolving the situation before it came to blows, and even managed to secure the release of the riotous Dockers at the request of Thames Grimsley. Thames represents the Dockers in what some have come to call the unofficial Union.

Although there was a minor altercation, the ceremony went off without a hitch. As guests were boarding the ship, Assistant Chief Inspector Stover Delft called the constables over and informed them of a special privilege; they were to board the Coaltongue as special guests (as well as extra security). The group thus managed to meet and greet influential people like Principal Minister Harkover Lee, Captain Rutger Smith, Duchess Ethelyn of Shale (the king’s sister), as well as King Aodhan himself.

The Duchess requested a room to rest in, citing a dislike of the technological nature of the voyage and feeling sick due to the smoke. The constables managed to secure a guest room in the aft observation deck for her. When the Coaltongue was out to sea for an hour, Inspector Delft asked the constables to check on the Duchess, as she had not been seen since, and was concerned it would appear embarrassing to the King if his own sister was not present during the speech.


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